Mother – the main theme of Azerbaijan literature

Motherland and Mother have been the same of peak together, and they are always united as sacred beings. Mother was rated as a sacred being by the examples of written and oral literature in our epoch from the beginning. Mother gives us life from her blood and body. And we must convey all this not only with biological abilities, but also with our ideas, knowledge and, of course, with literature thoughts. The image of mother has always been and will be the main character of our literature. As the motherland is indispensable, so the mother is also indispensable. When we get older, and had our own children, again we still need our mother’s breath. And in this need literature helps us, to feel always mother’s breath and soul. There are many poets, writers, scholars who wrote and explained the soul of the mother. One of them is a poetess, a scientist – Professor Mahira Nagikizi.
Mahira Nagigizi Huseynova (1960) is a Doctor of Philology, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Philology of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University in Baki – the capital of Azerbaijan. She was awarded the title “Best Teacher of the Year” in 2003, medal “Excellence in Education” of the Azerbaijan Republic, laureate of the ” Golden Pen “, and “Scientist of the Year” in 2018 years.She is the author of 3 textbooks, 8 monographs, more than 200 scientific articles , 20 books, and many Ashiq’ songs.Her poems have many themes. And one of them is Mother.

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